Learning Sequencing Through Eric Carle Books

Author: Pamela Elters


Mitchell Elementary School

Year: 2011

Seminar: Children's Literature

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Keywords: counting, Eric Carle, illustrations, maps, size

School Subject(s): English

This curriculum unit is written for children in the first grade but could be adapted for either kindergarten or second.  In my unit I wanted children to learn sequencing through the stories and artwork of Eric Carle.  As an author, Eric Carle writes mostly about sequencing or order.  The children can enjoy learning days of the week, months of the year, time and elapsed time.  They can also explore maps, size order and counting.   The most exciting parts of Eric Carle’s books are his illustrations.  He uses painted, cut pieces of paper for his pictures through the art of collage.  In this unit, the children will choose a form of sequencing, write a book, and illustrate with Carle’s style.

First graders thrive on learning through repetition.  Eric Carle provides this learning style in most of his books.  The children’s work will be mostly hands on as well.  Through illustrating their own books they take ownership and are able to be creative.

Download Unit: 11.01.02.pdf

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