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Children's Literature

Seminar Leader:
Peter Conn


“Peter Conn retired from Penn as Vartan Gregorian Professor of English and Professor of Education, and was a member of the graduate groups in the history of art and American civilization, a member of the urban studies and Asian-American studies faculties, and an affiliated member of the Center for East Asian Studies. His publications include The Divided Mind: Ideology and Imagination in America, 1898-1917 (Cambridge University Press, 1983; paperback editions, 1988 and 2008), and Literature in America (Cambridge University Press, 1989), which was a main selection of Associated Book Clubs (UK). Pearl S. Buck: A Cultural Biography (Cambridge, 1996; Paperback 1998), was chosen as a “New York Times Notable Book,” was listed among the best 25 books of 1996 by Publishers Weekly and among the best books of the year by Library Journal, was included among the five finalists for the National Book Critics Circle award in biography, and received the Athenaeum Award. ”

Unit TitleAuthor


Super Books! Using Comics and Graphic Novels to Enhance Literacy Instruction

Erin Bloom
Keywords: comic books, graphic novels, literacy

Learning Sequencing Through Eric Carle Books

Pamela Elters
Keywords: counting, Eric Carle, illustrations, maps, size

Connections to Literature

Nicole Flores
Keywords: African American literature, comprehension, Literature

Teaching Reading Skills through Poetry

Melissa Freeman
Keywords: language play, poetry, reading skills

Playing with Poetry

Rachel Gelb
Keywords: early literacy, literacy, poetry, Reading

Phonemes, Come Get the Phone! Who’s Calling?

Grace Hollaender
Keywords: Charlotte's web, Math, Reading, social studies, writing

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words: Exploring Illustrations in Caldecott Award Books to Increase Vocabulary Acquisition

Klair McGlynn
Keywords: Caldecott, illustrations, vocabulary

From Hastinapur to Canterbury: Textualizing the Frame Narrative

Lori Mehler
Keywords: English, medieval, narrative

Oh Mother, Pleeeeze Let Me Read That Book! The United States Constitution and Banned Books

Pat Mitchell-Keita-Doe
Keywords: banned, books, constitution, History, social history

Allegory and America: Analyzing the work of Virginia Lee Burton

Kate Reber
Keywords: American History, literary devices, Virginia Lee Burton

Whodunit? Using Technology to Unravel the Mystery of Mystery Fiction

Darlene Schaffer
Keywords: Edgar Allen Poe, learning disbability, mystery, Technology

Using Children’s Literature to Teach Symbolism and Allegory

Jessica L. Coldren
Keywords: Aesop's Fables, allegory, symbolism, The Giver

Extending Eric Carle into Mathematics

Allison Wudarski
Keywords: Eric Carle, literacy, Math, Media

Reading for a Better World: Voices from the Holocaust in Young Adult Literature

Stacia Parker
Keywords: Holocaust, Literature, prejudice, racism, stereotypes