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Conquering Space: A Voyage to Understanding

Catherine Michini
Keywords: geometry, PSAT, Math, NCTM, algeba

Movement on Board for Mathematics Teaching

Vicki Baker
Keywords: visual math, powerpoint, Algebra 2, calculus


Probability and the Observable Universe

Bridget Mason
Keywords: independent events, mutually exclusive events, multiplication, habitable zone, habitable planets, experimental Probability, dependent events, counting principle, Theoretical probability, sample space, probability, permutation, overlapping events, astronomy, combination, compound probability


Is It Sustainable? Renewable Fuels for the Future

Vicki Baker
Keywords: linear equations, graphing, fossil fuels, economy, renewable energy, sustainability, green cars, algebra


Robotix and Mathematix: A Great Relationship

Anne Cherian
Keywords: mathematics, Math in Context, Math, high school math, Algebra 1, Algebraic Equations, algebra, Build interest in mathematics


Functional Gardens

Rudolph Reid
Keywords: Graphs, equations, problem solving, order of operations, algebra


Know Your Position – How?

Ann Cherian
Keywords: normal distribution, measures, tools, Statistics, statistical distributions, Probability and Statistics, Pascal's Triangle, decision making, binomial probability, binomial theory

What Goes in the Middle? A Curriculum Unit on Axioms, Conjectures and Logical Thinking

Cara Crosby
Keywords: Math, logical thinking, theorems, proofs, 8th grade, axioms, algebra, conjectures


Phat Math

Anne Cherian
Keywords: weight control, growth patterns, exercise programs, eating behaviors, obesity, obesity prevention, physical activity, childhood obesity


A Student Survey Market Research Project

James Bloomquist