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Soft Robotics: An Introduction to Design Methodology and Engineering

Jessica Duong
Keywords: methodology, process, robot, robotics, design, engineering

Exploring Soft Robotics Through the Movie Big Hero 6

Charlette Walker
Keywords: Google suite, soft robotics, robotics, soft robots, Technology, digital literacy, Big Hero 6, English Language Arts

Bio-Design Fabrication and Soft Robots

Christopher Sweeney
Keywords: Mycelium, soft robotics, Robots, robotics, design, Digital Fabrication, Bio-Fabrication, Bio-Design


Robotics: Solving Problems One Design At A Time

Tia D. Larese
Keywords: persuasive writing, onshape, problem solving, makeology, humanoids, ideation, recycled robots, Scratch, robotics, 3.4.3.E1, 3.4.3.D1, 3-d printing, animaloids, creativity 3.4.3.C1, engineering, Technology, collaboration, blended learning, design process


Making It to Learn

Vicki Baker
Keywords: gripper, robotics, algebra, Arduino, arm

Robotics: Creating the Limitless Potential of Nanotechnology

Troy J. Holiday
Keywords: Nanotechnology, robotics, Technology, design

Introduction to Coding: Computer Programming and Robotics

Ambra Hook
Keywords: STEM, NXT, programming sprites, Mindstorm, Lego, Scratch, robotics, gaming, coding

Engineering Physics: Modding and Making

Klint Kanopka
Keywords: physics, problem based learning, problem solving, mathematics, maker, makered, makerspace, making, Math, project based learning, fabrication, Science, robot, robotics, 3d, advanced placement physics, advanced placement, 3d printing, 3d carving, ap, tools, ap physics, design, engineering, construction, design thinking, CAD, building, Arduino

Increasing Student Awareness of STEM Careers in High School Science

Stuart Surrey
Keywords: STEM Careers, Physical Science, Science, Scientific inquiry, robotics, Robots, Environmental Science, career