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Sustainability is the Name of the Game!

Alima McKnight
Keywords: motivation, gamification, game based theory, solution, sustainability, pollution, engagement, elementary, digital native, climate change


Humans and the Environment: How Water Pollution and Littering Affect Health

Chelsea Maher
Keywords: littering, Health, pollution, water, waterways, world, environment, urban, engineering


Ebbs and Flows: The Schuylkill River a Symbol of Rivers Everywhere

Taylor Franko
Keywords: Schuylkill River, pollution, symbol, rivers

Environmental Humanities Through the Lens of a Math Teacher

Tracy Saltz
Keywords: Math, Schuylkill River, pollution, Philadelphia, environmental humanities, carbon dioxide

The Tidal Schuylkill As A Teaching and Learning Resource For Chemistry, Physical Science and Biology

Bobby E. Stewart
Keywords: Schuylkill River, pollution, Physical Science, environment, Chemistry


Climate Change and My World

Jaimie Piotrowicz
Keywords: greenhouse gas, temperature, Natural resources, pollution, emissions, climate change, carbon dioxide, atmosphere


Freshwater and Marcellus Shale Mining

Deborah Smithey
Keywords: marcellus shale, mining, pollution, pH, energy


The Disappearance of Sherwood Forest: The History of Cobbs Creek in Philadelphia

Patricia Blakeney-Whack
Keywords: Environmental Science, Preserving the Environment, pollution, Watershed, West Philadelphia, Ecology, Cobbs Creek Parkway

Go Green for a Better Tomorrow

Marie P. Clarke
Keywords: reduce, landfill, incinerators, recycle, solutions, pollution, reuse, Ecology, trash, changemakers