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The Ongoing Black Freedom Struggle: Expanding the Single Story of the Civil Rights Movement

Pearl Jonas
Keywords: Civil Rights Movement, History, film, American History

Still Segregated in 2020: A Study of Equity in Philadelphia Area Schools through Film Study and Creation

Katherine Steiner
Keywords: Civil Rights Movement, communications, civics, Media, History, Government, freedom, Politics, cinema, Philadelphia

Film as a Medium for Teaching the Supporting Characters of the Civil Rights Movement

Frances M. Wilkins
Keywords: Civil Rights Movement, English language learners, film

Civil Rights Movement vs. Black Lives Matter: Young People at the Helm of the Movement

Tasha Russell
Keywords: Civil Rights Movement, injustice, Black Lives Matter, African American History month


From Civil Rights to #BlackLivesMatter: The Music Is the Movement

Amanda Schear
Keywords: Compare and contrast, Protest music, Civil Rights Movement, Music, literacy, Informational text, Protest movements, Black Lives Matter, Social change, African American literature, social justice, African American History

Music as Activism: Warrior’s Don’t Cry and Protest in the Civil Rights Movement

Renae Curless
Keywords: segregation, Civil Rights Movement, racism, poetry, Music, melba patillo beals, little rock, integration, African American literature, African American History


Civil Rights Era and the African American Experience: Investigating American History through a Literary Lens

Erin Swan-Potras
Keywords: discrimination, commercialism, Civil Rights Movement, Children's March, political context, Historical Context, 1960s, 1950s, Technology, video, Alabama, Birmingham, segregation, American Civil Rights Movement, African American figures, social context, Music