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Building an Environmentally Equitable Community One School at Time

Tia Graves
Keywords: green stormwater infrastructure, Mitigation, Climate Justice/Racism, Equity, Environmental Racism, Urban Heat Island Adaptation, resilience, Sea Level Rise, environmental justice

Where Does All the Water Go?

John Daniel Hartzog
Keywords: Green Infrastructure, global warming, Urban Landscape, water cycle, sustainability

The Power of Sustainability: Growing Climate Problem Solvers

Anna Herman
Keywords: climate optimism, climate change, food waste, food systems, food security, urban foodshed, urban agriculture, Wicked Problem, sustainability

Natural Tendencies

Maya Bhagat
Keywords: Place-based, Philadelphia, Lenape, sustainability

How Do We Envision A More Sustainable And Just Philadelphia?

Dr. Joe Alberti
Keywords: fossil fuels, sustainability, solar energy, Renewable and Non-renewable Energy, Air Pollution


Freshwater In Our World: Philadelphia’s Freshwater Supply and the Role We Each Play in its Future

Phyllis Hurwitz
Keywords: hydrologic cycle, impermeable sources, philadelphia middle school science, distribution of water, climate change, urban watershed, water, water pollution

Humans and the Environment: How Water Pollution and Littering Affect Health

Chelsea Maher
Keywords: Health, littering, environment, engineering, urban, water, world, waterways, pollution

Sustainable? Systemic Dis-illusions?

Maya Bhagat
Keywords: critical metals, systems, rare earth metals, sustainability

The Museum of Gold

Kristin Nakaishi
Keywords: gold, minerals, geology, economics, Sociology

Changing Technology for a Changing Climate: Knowledge is not always power, but power is rarely ignorant

Chloe Glynn
Keywords: hands-on experiments, greenhouse gases, green technology, geopolitics, critical minerals, climate change, fossil fuels, environment, renewable energy, power, social media

Environmental Health in the Classroom

Kimberly Sweeney
Keywords: conservation, contamination, plastic pollution, water pollution, water cycle

Where Does Our Water Come From?

David White
Keywords: water pollution, Watershed, water, water filtration, water cycle

The Power of Environmental Monitoring

Anna Herman
Keywords: youth environmental justice, green stormwater infrastructure, lead, environmental monitoring, environmental justice, environmental advocacy, urban gardening, water quality, soil contamination, soil health, air quality

What Happens After the Water Leaves the Sky?

Aisha Kittrell
Keywords: hydrologic cycle, the water cycle, water quality, water pollution, water filtration, run-off, stormwater, storm drain


When Batteries Die, Do They Go to Heaven?

Bruce S. Karpe
Keywords: High School, Physical Science, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Electronic Waste, trash, Science, recycling, sustainability, batteries

The Influence of Plate Tectonics on Our Ever Changing Earth

Emily McGady-Greenleaf
Keywords: geology, Earth Science, Earth disruptions, Earthquakes

Kids Can Campaign for Carbon Change and Help Reduce Global Warming

Sharon Karlyn
Keywords: global warming, Earth Science, climate change, climate, elementary, weather, Science, 4th Grade


Learning the Water, Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles through the Effects of Intensive Farming Techniques

Winnie Chan
Keywords: nitrogen cycle, Environmental Science, Food, farming, Biology, water cycle, carbon cycle