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The Science, Engineering, and Operation of Drones

Seminar Leader:
Dinesh Thakur


Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are becoming increasingly popular for both commercial and recreational use. They are also being used as a tool for STEM education, coding, and other subjects. Drones can be used to teach students about aerodynamics, flight mechanics, programming, and more. They can also be used to help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In this seminar we learned about the many specialized components of a drone and how they work together. We also explored drone history, current applications, safety, and regulations. Finally, we used an inexpensive educational drone kit for demonstrations and hands-on training with drone programming in either Scratch or Python. This seminar was open to STEM teachers in the middle and high school grades.

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Flight of the Coordinates- Math-Driven Drone Search and Rescue in Fairmount Park

Monique Carter
Keywords: area, cartesian graphing, circle, community policing, composite, conditionals, coordinate graphing, criticality, diversity, drones, Equity, Gholdy Muhammad, Inclusion, joy, justice, Math, metric measurement, origin, perimeter, point, polygon, quadrant, quadrilateral, scale, scale factor, search and rescue, sensors, trapezoid, triangle, variables, x-axis, y-axis

Bio-Design Fabrication and Soft/DIY Drones

Christopher Sweeney
Keywords: Bio-Design, Bio-Fabrication, design, Digital Fabrication, drones, Mycelium, Soft drones

High Flying Geometry!

Catherine Michini
Keywords: angle of elevation, area, Blockly for Robolink, campus exploration, clinometer, coding/programing, CoDrone EDU, DJI Mini Pro 4, Drone, drone safety, fermi questions, height, percent error, polygon characteristics, right triangle trigonometry, student challenge, volume

Elevating Education: The Impact of Drones on 21st Century Learning

Charlette Walker
Keywords: coding, CoDrone EDU, digital literacy, DJI Tello drones, drone applications, drone careers, DroneBlocks, drones, ELA, Google Sites, Google Slides, Middle School, Research, Scratch, STEM

Introduction to Drones- Flying and Coding Skills for the 21st Century Middle School Learner

Justin Guida
Keywords: classroom, coding, Drone, drones, education, flight, flying, Middle School, robotics, Robots, school, Science, STEAM, STEM, students, Technology, UAV

Should the US Military Use Drones in Wartime?

Ariel Coff
Keywords: coding, debate, drones, electromagnetism, energy waves, ethics, experimental design, fields of force, fluid dynamics, forces and motion, Investigation, model, Newton’s Laws, Research, robotics, scientific argument, Technology

Operation DroneDrop: A study into drones; their capabilities, governmental regulation and ethical considerations; with a deeper dive into drone usage in search and rescue operations

Katherine Smith
Keywords: autonomous flight, Blockly, CoDrone EDU, Drone, programming, RPA, UAS, UAV