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That's My Song! Musical Genre as Social Contract

Seminar Leader:
Guthrie P. Ramsey


Music in American history has been fundamental to identity formation because, as one scholar notes, it comprises “the deepest feelings and qualities that make a group unique. Through moving and sounding together in synchrony, people can experience a feeling of oneness with others.” This seminar examines how various musical genres have served as “social contracts” among audiences throughout the process of this country’s nation building process. By examining languages (both sonic and written) we will view America’s melting pot ideal, looking at how communities of listeners have asserted their convictions about social identity through music. The literature surrounding the notion of “genre” have often made these meanings legible, audible and meaningful. From religious performance practices, to minstrelsy, to Tin Pan Alley to rock and hip-hop, the social agreements made by musical genres help us understand the dynamism of American identities.

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Jazz as Black History: Teaching African American History Through Musicology

Matthew Menschner
Keywords: African American History, American History, Bebop, Grades 9-12, Jazz, Jazz History, Jazz Studies, Literature, Music History, Music Studies, Musicology, Swing Music, The Harlem Renaissance, The Jazz Age, World War II

From Civil Rights to #BlackLivesMatter: The Music Is the Movement

Amanda Schear
Keywords: African American History, African American literature, Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights Movement, Compare and contrast, Informational text, literacy, Music, Protest movements, Protest music, Social change, social justice

Put Yourself Out There: Identity, Genre, and Concert Production in Music Ensemble Performance

Walter Bechtold
Keywords: Arranging, Band, Culture, Genre, Grade 7-12, High School, Identity, Instrumental Music, Middle School, Music, Music Technology, Orchestra, Performance, Popular Music, social studies

Music and Math: Combining Forms and Formulas

Vicki Baker
Keywords: Math, Music, Music History

The Music of New Orleans and How It Shaped Its Culture

Chanelle Harley
Keywords: History, Reading, social studies, writing

Math is Music to My Ears

Caron D. Forman
Keywords: Math, Music

Music as Activism: Warrior’s Don’t Cry and Protest in the Civil Rights Movement

Renae Curless
Keywords: African American History, African American literature, Civil Rights Movement, integration, little rock, melba patillo beals, Music, poetry, racism, segregation

A Round of Rhythms

Patricia Rich
Keywords: African culture, African history, Afro-Cuban, Artístas y Músicos Latino Americanos, Charlie Parker, claves, community building, Cuban son, digital media, Dizzy Gillespie, djembe, drum circle, ensemble, hand drums, improv, improvisation, Jazz, karaoke, Mariel boatlift, Music, music literacy, rhythm, Son Cubano, Spanish, Tabadul, Taller Puertorriqueño