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New Approaches to the History of Slavery: The View from the Penn and Slavery Project

Seminar Leader:
Kathleen Brown


This seminar focused on developing new teaching and learning strategies from two interrelated areas of research on the history of slavery: an insider’s view of the research being done by the Penn Slavery Project’s student researchers, and an introduction to recent historical scholarship. Beginning in the fall of 2017, a group of students under Professor Brown’s supervision looked at various connections between the University and slavery, including economic ties to the slave trade and early medical research that promoted biological racism. The seminar challenged teachers to find meaningful ways to bring the research into the schools. Throughout the semester we brainstormed strategies for the K-12 classroom.

Unit TitleAuthor


Liberated Through Literacy: The African American Pursuit of Equity in Education

Charlette Walker
Keywords: anti-literacy laws, Black educators, Black history, courage, education, ELA, literacy, neo-slavery, Reading, resilience, Slavery, systemic racism

“Free To Be ME”

Charlene Jones
Keywords: abolitionist, bullying, by-stander, campaign, Middle School, Slavery, students, up-standers

Can the New Histories of Slavery Create Compassion In Youth

Donna Butler-Jones
Keywords: African American History, Black History month, Slavery

Welcome to America: Enslaved Diasporic and Indigenous People

Jeri Johnson, M.S. Ed., M.S. School Psychology
Keywords: Afircan American History, American History, indigenous people, Slavery

Slavery: A Tough Lesson to Learn

Margo Pinckney-Wilson
Keywords: diversity, poetry, Slavery

The Slavery Project: Why It All Matters

Nora Karasanyi
Keywords: “Negro Spirituals”, abolition, abolitionist, awakening, bondage, discrimination, emancipation, existence, freedom – spiritual, inequality, justice, kidnapping, memory book, monologue, oppression, physical, proclamation, racism, Reverse Underground Railroad, Slavery, subservient, suffrage, Underground Railroad

Forging A Connection: Releasing the Bondage of Internalized Oppression through Quality Social Studies Instruction

Sondra W. Gonzalez
Keywords: abolitionist, internalized racism. vacant esteem. ever-present anger. racial socialization, Slavery

The Dis-Connection of Our Roots

Stephanie M. Robinson
Keywords: African American History, roots, Slavery