TIP Units Teach against Hate March 23, 2021 – Posted in: Uncategorized

We at the Teachers Institute of Philadelphia are appalled by the recent uptick in attacks against Asian Americans. TIP strives to educate against and combat racism and xenophobia through the curricula that our fellows develop which are used throughout the School District of Philadelphia.

Teachers wishing to address the recent violence against Asian Americans will find a useful resource in Lisa Yau’s unit “Boxing Asian American History,” completed during her 2020 fellowship at the Yale National Initiative. Yau dedicated the unit to the memory of her father, who passed away last year, and to the cause of justice for Asian Americans. https://teachers.yale.edu/curriculum/viewer/initiative_20.01.08_g

It is important for teachers to highlight the cultural contributions of Asia. Elizabeth Szabyla’s unit helps to uncover the history and practical uses of Origami. Originally used as part of Chinese religious practices, origami spread to other parts of Asia and became popular in Japan during the 6th century. Szabyla’s unit was written in a seminar entitled “Origami Engineering” taught by Penn Professor Cynthia Sung, and units science and art. To quote Szabyla, “This unit requires students to not only learn about origami but also do something with it”. https://theteachersinstitute.org/curriculum_unit/origami-engineering-and-product-design/