Oye como va: African and Hispanic Influences on Music

Author: Diana Shortall


Lamberton High School

Year: 2011

Seminar: Who Are Those People and Why Are They Listening to That Music

Grade Level: 9-12

Keywords: African music, Cuba, Cuban music, Music, Reggaeton

School Subject(s): Languages, Spanish

The curriculum unit will focus on exposing students to the historical impact that the slave
trade had on Latin American society. Students will be exposed to not only the African
influence on Hispanic music in Cuba but also the Hispanic influence on Reggaeton found
in the United States. Students will discover that learning the culture of a country is just as
important in the Foreign Language classroom as learning the grammatical and vocabulary
aspects most often times taught in the classroom. Students will use authentic songs from
Latin American musicians to see how these cultures have influenced each other
throughout time. They will also be required to complete listening activities using these
songs, writing activities based on the cultural information, and vocabulary lesson
stemming from musical terms in the foreign language. As we discuss the slave trade,
students will apply critical thinking skills and make predictions and comparisons, and
determine cause – effect relationships. Furthermore, the students will have the
opportunity to research further into topics that interest them, and will use the target
language in displaying what they have learned to the class. The use of song lyrics allows
students the opportunity to not only listen in the foreign language but also to read the
foreign language. Students will be given the opportunity to creatively write and speak in
the target language. The overall intentions of this unit are to provide students interesting,
relevant materials that are authentic in nature in order to teach a historical concept that
allows students the ability to see how cultures can work together to co-exist and create
success in the arts. By doing so, I hope to show students a different point of view which
will hopefully allow them to look at the culture in a new light.

This curriculum unit is intended for a Spanish 1 high school level class. The unit should
extend across a 2 week period, with a number of lessons and a variety of assessments.

Download Unit: 11.05.08-1.pdf

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