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History of the Modern Middle East

Seminar Leader:
Eve Troutt Powell


A seminar led by Eve Troutt Powell, Associate Professor of History

This timely seminar is a survey of the history of the Middle East, beginning with the late Ottoman Empire and continuing into the present. While the content of this seminar is punctuated by military struggles, we will also explore the cultural history of the region. We will look hard at the circumstances of daily life in the Middle East and how they are affected by politics and war. We will also examine the historical circumstances that changed the political boundaries of the Middle East in the early twentieth century, and how those changes have continued to shape and provoke the current crises of the region that often dominate our news. This seminar will also pay close attention to the ways in which the Middle East and its peoples are represented in Western society.

Topics to be examined may include:

* Nationalism, World War I and the end of the Ottoman Empire
* Europe and the Middle East, Zionism and Palestine
* Oil, The Gulf States and the Iranian Revolution
* Islamic Movements in the Middle East
* Afghanistan
* September 11, 2001 and the Invasion of Iraq

Teachers of history, social studies, and other subjects will find the materials to be an insight into topics that have shaped our lives in the past and present, and promise to do so into the future.

Unit TitleAuthor


Afghanistan: A Nation of Minorities

Kathleen Ayers
Keywords: Afghanistan, economies, Global history, Middle East History, policies

In Palestine and Israel: Writers and Activists Light the Way to Peace

Barbara McDowell Dowdall
Keywords: Arabs, Israel, Jews, Middle East History, Palestine, religion

The United States and Afghanistan 1970 – 2010: Friendships and Foes in Times of War

Stephanie Felder
Keywords: Afghanistan, Foreign Relations, Middle East History

Ancient To Modern: Hearing the Artistic voices of Iran

Cristina Hernandez
Keywords: Iran, Iranian Artists, Middle East

The American Veil: Media Inspired (Mis)Conceptualization of Muslim Women of the Middle East

Zoelene Hill
Keywords: mass media, Middle East, Muslim women

Encounters of the First Kind: Early U.S. and Middle East Relations

Mona Kolsky
Keywords: American History, Middle East History, oil

In and Out of Africa — Egypt, Sudan and the Influence of the Ottoman Empire

Pat Mitchell-Keita-Doe
Keywords: Egypt, Middle East, Sudan

Afghanistan in Poetry, Literature, and Nonfiction Texts

Elisabeth Raab
Keywords: Afghan Star, conflict, Dexter Filkins, modern Afghanistan, The Forever War, The Kite Runner

Modern Middle Eastern History

Daniel Rivera
Keywords: Judaeo-Spanis, Spanish