Is This Fair?

Author: Jason M. Bui


S. Weir Mitchell Elementary School

Year: 2011

Seminar: Math Concepts in the Classroom

Grade Level: 3

Keywords: Everyday Math, probability, self contained

School Subject(s): Math

This unit is designed for a self-contained third grade classroom that is following the
School District of Philadelphia’s Core Curriculum with Everyday Mathematics. The unit
is intended to reinforce the Pennsylvania state mathematics probability and prediction
standards already covered in Kindergarten through second grade and provide the students
with a more solid base of understanding for the standards that will be covered in third
grade and beyond.

Probability is not covered in detail in the third grade Everyday Mathematics curiculum
until the end of the year. It touches on probability concepts here and there throughout the
year one lesson at a time. As a result the students have a difficult time connecting the
different probability concepts they are taught. The students also have a difficult time
connecting the idea of probability to their own lives. This unit will cover probability
concepts once a week for six to eight weeks. This will give the students time to master
and connect the different probability concepts and skills taught to them previously and
also help them to master the probability concepts and skills that will be taught to them in
the future.

The goal is that at the end of the unit the studneys will be able to design a fair game of
their own to demonstrate their knowledge of probabilty.

Download Unit: 11.02.02.pdf

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