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Is the Next George Washington Carver Sitting in my Second Grade Class?

Author: Sue A. Christmas


Cassidy Elementary

Year: 2013

Seminar: From Slavery to Civil Rights

Grade Level: 2

Keywords: African American History, George Washington Carver, History, scientists

School Subject(s): Arts, Math, Science

This curriculum is intended to focus on some of the many creations African American scientists, in particular, George Washington Carver. This curriculum is intended to encourage students in the second through fourth grades to re-create and expand upon some of the inventions of George Washington Carver. By exploring the histories of scientists and inventors from the 1860’s to the 1960’s, students will discover the many uses of the creations of these great inventors. Students will also focus on the history of one of the most prolific scientists and inventors of this era, George Washington Carver. Students will learn that like Carver, they can create through chemurgy, the development of new industrial chemical products from organic raw materials, especially from those of agricultural origin ( This curriculum will take a multidisciplinary approach emphasizing social studies, science art, math and literacy.

Download Unit: Christmas-Sue-unit.pdf

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