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From Slavery to Civil Rights

Seminar Leader:
Steven Hahn


This seminar will explore some of the major developments in African-American and American history from the Reconstruction era until the growing movement for Civil Rights. We will be interested in looking at the changing nature of African-American politics and political ideas, the struggles against violence and economic hardship, the impact of the Great Migration, and the complex strains of integrationism and nationalism. We will read a combination of secondary literature and original source materials.
This seminar will be appropriate for teachers with classroom topics in American History and, in particular, in African-American History.

Unit TitleAuthor


The American Civil War and African American Emancipation: A Documentary Analysis

Keysiah Middleton
Keywords: Abraham Lincoln, African American History, capitalism, Civil War, emancipation, History, Middle School, primary source documents

Freedom, Colorism, and Race and Place in the American South

Pat Mitchell-Keita-Doe
Keywords: African American History, Colorism, Gens d’ Couleur, History, Homer Plessy, Middle, Mobile, New Orleans, Placage, St. Domingue

Economic Restrictions and Opportunities of Freed People

Bernadette McHenry
Keywords: African American History, freedmen, High School, primary sources, Reconstruction, social studies

The Struggle for Equality: Apartheid in South Africa

Eilis Hood
Keywords: Apartheid, History, Middle School, Nelson Mandela, social studies, South Africa

50 Years and Beyond:Philadelphia after the Emancipation Proclamation

Terry Anne Wildman
Keywords: English, History, language arts, literacy, Pennsylvania History, social studies

“Everybody But Me”: The Historical Implications of the Struggle for Civil Rights on Culture, Education, and Politics in the 21st Century

Erin Bloom
Keywords: African American History, civil rights, education, History, Politics, Slavery

Is the Next George Washington Carver Sitting in my Second Grade Class?

Sue A. Christmas
Keywords: African American History, George Washington Carver, History, scientists

Abraham Lincoln: Discovering an Iconic President

Teresa Coyle-Kahn
Keywords: Abraham Lincoln, African American History month, Government, Presidents

From Slavery to Civil Rights: Get On the Bus with Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Shelia Hawkins
Keywords: civil rights, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Slavery

The Civil Rights Era

Richard P. Holmes
Keywords: American History, civil rights, civil rights era