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Creating a Survey and Analyzing and Displaying the Data Results from a Survey

Author: Lance M. Levy


John Bartram High School

Year: 2013

Seminar: Painless Statistics for Teachers and Teaching

Grade Level: 8-12

Keywords: Algebra 1, Math, Probability / Statistics, Probability and Statistics, statistical distributions, statistical questions, Statistics

School Subject(s): Math, Statistics

This curriculum unit is intended to infuse more statistics into an Algebra One class. However, it may be used in other math classes.   Students are expected to pick a topic, create a survey, make it accessible on-line for people to participate, and analyze the resulting data. They will be expected to enter their data on a spreadsheet and display them using several different types of graphs. Charts, frequency tables, scatter plot, and stem-and-leaf plots will be examined during this unit. They will learn how to calculate the appropriate sample size for the confidence level they desire; and how to calculate central tendencies and determine which measure of central tendency is the best reflection of the data.

Download Unit: 13.04.08-unit.pdf

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