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A Student Survey Market Research Project

Author: James Bloomquist


Robert E. Lamberton High School

Year: 2006

Seminar: Probability and Statistics in the Social Sciences

School Subject(s): Algebra, Math

The purpose of this project is to expose the students to the type of survey research conducted by large market research and polling companies. This will include a presentation of the statistical considerations associated with understanding the population under consideration, sampling requirements, data collection techniques, data analyses, error estimations, and sample to population projections. This thematic unit explores these concepts within survey research as utilized by marketing research companies, and how it can be adapted to the high school classroom in an experimental model.

The grade level for this project is expected to include students taking an Algebra 2 class, which includes minimal coverage of probability and statistics, or the high school statistics or economics classes.

Download Unit: 06.03.01.pdf

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