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Hip Hop Notions

Audrey J. Jackson
Keywords: African American painters, break dancing, Bronx, expressive performance, fashion, hip hop life style, hip-hop, Jamaica, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Kingston, listening, rap music, rhyming, speaking, Visual Art, visual graffiti, writing, youth culture

The Sankofa – Hip Hop Connection

Karen L. Brinkley
Keywords: analyze and critique, comparative analysis, Critical thinking, Ghana, hip-hop, importance of music, movies, past traditions, primary source documents, rap music, sankofa, Technology, Twi language

Dissecting Lyrics

Lisa Katzer
Keywords: 4th Grade, 5th grade, display, dissecting lyrics, figurative language, hip-hop, listening skills, meaning and awareness, meaningful learning, perform, rap music, vocabulary, writing poetry

Using Rap Lyrics as a Resource in the Secondary English Classroom

Lisa Kelly
Keywords: African American, African-based American art form, analyze, Bronx, city students, comments on current events, enjoy, literary devices, literary skills, literary styles, rap music, rap tells stories, relevant to student life, tells stories, trace themes

Scratching beyond the Surface: Hip Hop and Its Art of Persuasion

Samuel A. Reed, III
Keywords: commercial and community, Critical thinking, hip-hop, hip-hop lyrics, media literacy, non-print media, persuasion, persuasive digital stories, persuasive techniques, persuasive writing, rap music, Reading, social studies, traditional literacy, writing