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Hip Hop Notions

Audrey J. Jackson
Keywords: youth culture, listening, Kingston, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, rap music, writing, visual graffiti, Visual Art, speaking, rhyming, Jamaica, Bronx, African American painters, hip-hop, hip hop life style, fashion, expressive performance, break dancing


Karen L. Brinkley
Keywords: primary source documents, past traditions, movies, rap music, importance of music, Twi language, Technology, sankofa, comparative analysis, Critical thinking, analyze and critique, hip-hop, Ghana

Dissecting Lyrics

Lisa Katzer
Keywords: meaning and awareness, perform, meaningful learning, listening skills, rap music, writing poetry, vocabulary, 5th grade, display, dissecting lyrics, figurative language, hip-hop, 4th Grade

Using Rap Lyrics as a Resource in the Secondary English Classroom

Lisa Kelly
Keywords: literary styles, literary skills, literary devices, trace themes, rap music, tells stories, relevant to student life, rap tells stories, city students, African-based American art form, Bronx, comments on current events, analyze, African American, enjoy

Scratching beyond the Surface: Hip Hop and Its Art of Persuasion

Samuel A. Reed, III
Keywords: persuasive writing, persuasive techniques, persuasive digital stories, persuasion, non-print media, media literacy, writing, traditional literacy, social studies, Reading, rap music, commercial and community, Critical thinking, hip-hop lyrics, hip-hop