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African American Hair, Freedom, and Civil Rights: Using Film, Media, and African American Hair Styles to Analyze Civil Rights

Aisha Al-Muid
Keywords: film, freedom, Hair, civil rights, Media, African American, cinema


To Write with Fire: Unapologetic Poets of the Harlem Renaissance and Black Arts Movement

Wendi Mungai Umoren
Keywords: Harlem Renaissance, racism, poetry, literary period, revolution, African American, aesthetics, black arts movement


Looking at the Black Experience in America Through African American Poetry

Joyce Arnosky
Keywords: History, poems, Reading, poetry, African American, 5th grade, writing, Black experience in America

The African American and the Woman Suffrage Movement

Myrtle Bastien
Keywords: gender discrimination, High School, disenfranchised, racial discrimination, partisan interests, important struggle, right to vote, class discrimination, African American, African American women

Early Abolitionists in Philadelphia

Sandy O’Keefe
Keywords: Colonial America, end to slavery, Quakers, Philadelphia, abolitionists, African American, 8th grade, anti-slavery


The African, Caribbean and African American Cultural Connection

Keysiah M. Middleton
Keywords: Food, dance, connect to Africa, cultural expression, shared awareness, shared African background, Music, pride, interlinked groups, language, aesthetic values, African, African American, Black Atlantic

Folktales: Trickster Stories Across Time – From African Ancestors to African American Rappers

Wilda Hayward
Keywords: ESOL, folktales, hip-hop, Middle Passage, rap, legacy, African, African American, anthropology, West African storytellers, trickster stories, African Diaspora, African folktales

Using Rap Lyrics as a Resource in the Secondary English Classroom

Lisa Kelly
Keywords: enjoy, comments on current events, rap music, rap tells stories, literary devices, literary skills, literary styles, relevant to student life, city students, African American, Bronx, analyze, trace themes, African-based American art form, tells stories


Dance, Readings, Acting, Music, and Art (D.R.A.M.A.): A Study of African American Performing and Visual Arts in the 1940s – 1950s

Leslie Carlis
Keywords: dance, Music, Reading, performing arts, acting, African American, Art, visual arts

Paul Robeson, African-American Artist, and the McCarthy Era

Carole Chernecky
Keywords: social studies, social justice, Drama, Elgnish, Paul Robeson, Identity, African American, artist, Art, American Literature

The Harlem Renaissance

Richard P. Holmes
Keywords: History, dance, Music, Literature, African American, African American art, The Harlem Renaissance, African American History