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Sustainable? Systemic Dis-illusions?

Maya Bhagat
Keywords: sustainability, systems, critical metals, rare earth metals

What Happens After the Water Leaves the Sky?

Aisha Kittrell
Keywords: hydrologic cycle, stormwater, storm drain, run-off, the water cycle, water quality, water filtration, water pollution

Freshwater In Our World: Philadelphia’s Freshwater Supply and the Role We Each Play in its Future

Phyllis Hurwitz
Keywords: impermeable sources, hydrologic cycle, distribution of water, philadelphia middle school science, climate change, urban watershed, water, water pollution

The Museum of Gold

Kristin Nakaishi
Keywords: gold, geology, Sociology, economics, minerals

Humans and the Environment: How Water Pollution and Littering Affect Health

Chelsea Maher
Keywords: Health, engineering, environment, littering, pollution, urban, water, waterways, world

Where Does Our Water Come From?

David White
Keywords: water pollution, Watershed, water filtration, water cycle, water

Critical Metals and Their Real-World Applications

Ariel Coff
Keywords: earth metals, mining, periodic table


Watch Out! It’s an Earthquake!

Monique Henry
Keywords: Earth disruptions, Earthquakes, Earth Science, occurrences, Philadelphia School District of Philadelphia

The Truth Is Out There: Finding Exoplanets

Klint Kanopka
Keywords: Space Science, Math, Science, Physical Science

Models on Earth and Space

Amatise Ponzo
Keywords: listening, Space Science, Earth Science, Reading


Kimberly Sweeney
Keywords: erosion, Science, weathering

Extracting Earth’s Elements

Eual A. Phillips
Keywords: green chemistry, ionic, earth, crystals, covalent, coordination, Environmental Science, endangered elements, compounds, physics, molecular geometry, minerals, Math, Chemistry

The Earth’s Layers

Monique McCoy
Keywords: Earth Science, Science, Physical Science, Math, climate change, algebra


The Born Identity of Atoms

Eual A. Phillips
Keywords: graphing, fusion linear equations, fission, High School, stars, stellar nucleosynthesis, protons, radioactivity, physics, Science, reactions, nuclides, nuclear, neutrons, modelling, Medicine, Physical Science, universe, Chemistry, algebra, atoms

When Batteries Die, Do They Go to Heaven?

Bruce S. Karpe
Keywords: High School, sustainability, Environmental Science, Electronic Waste, Physical Science, Science, recycling, trash, Chemistry, batteries

Kids Can Campaign for Carbon Change and Help Reduce Global Warming

Sharon Karlyn
Keywords: global warming, Earth Science, elementary, Science, 4th Grade, weather, climate, climate change

Climate Change and My World

Jaimie Piotrowicz
Keywords: greenhouse gas, temperature, pollution, Natural resources, emissions, climate change, carbon dioxide, atmosphere

Earth, Our Fragile Home: Waste, Methane and Climate Change

Cara Wallin
Keywords: greenhouse effect, global warming, landfills, methane gas, climate change

Nuclear Fusion in the Cosmos and the Chemistry Curriculum

Alex Leed
Keywords: High School, Fusion, stellar evolution, Physical Science, Chemistry, astronomy

Determining the Motion of Galaxies Using Doppler Redshift

Caitlin M. Matyas
Keywords: High School, Inquiry, Hubble expansion, Doppler effect, discussion, Science, physics, redshift, Physical Science, simulation, astronomy