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Renewable Energy Schemes

Seminar Leader:
Jorge Santiago-Aviles


In this seminar we studied the sun as the source of ener-gy on earth; fossil fuels and their liabilities; and renewable energy sources such as photo voltaic (solar cells), eólic (wind) and low head hydroelectric (moving water). We studied the particular application of renewable energy to the tropics (e.g. Puerto Rico), and the importance of energy storage in batteries and super capacitors in the implemen-tation of renewable energy systems. We discussed the technology involved in theses renewable sources, conduct demonstrations, and experiment.

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Shining Star

Valerie Adams
Keywords: Carbon, carbon cycle, Chemical reaction, Electron, energy, Energy level, Photon, Photovoltaic, Solar, water, Wind

How do renewable energy sources reduce our reliance on fossil fuel sources of energy?

Dr. Joe Alberti
Keywords: energy, fossil fuel, middle school science, renewable energy

Energy Equals Force and Motion

Felicia Atwell
Keywords: force, motion, renewable energy

Renewable Energy: “Let it Shine”

Dr. David L. Turner
Keywords: “Let it Shine”, and solar cell, carbon emission, carbon footprint, renewable energy, solar energy, wind energy, wind turbines

Climate Crisis: a Storyline Exploration

Bijal Makadia
Keywords: climate crisis, renewable energy, Scottish Storyline Method

The Renewable School

Rachel Odoroff
Keywords: energy, energy sources, renewable energy

Using Transfer as a Schema to Learn about Energy: A Modular Approach

Matthew N VanKouwenberg
Keywords: Constructivist, electricity, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Energy Transfer, Environmental Science, Eolic, Experiment, Generator, global warming, High School, Lab, Magnetism, Mechanical Energy, Middle School, Motor, PhotoVoltaics, Physical Science, physics, student-centered, Thermodynamics, wind energy

Using Wind for Improving the Future of Sustainable Energy

Cassandra Mae Jordan
Keywords: and Wind Turbines., Elementary Science, Eolic Energy, renewable energy, Renewable Energy Experiments, Science Lesson Plans, Wind Energy Experiments