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Planning for a Sustainable, Environmentally Just, and Climate-Ready Philadelphia

Seminar Leader:
Christina Rosan


Nicknamed Filthadelphia, the city’s urban environment faced enormous challenges and presented numerous opportunities, particularly when we planned for climate. The course explored Philadelphia’s urban environment, the past, the present, and the future. We examined Philadelphia’s history, planning, policies, politics, and technologies around urban agriculture, green stormwater infrastructure, the urban heat island, solar and renewable energy, vacant land management, air pollution, water, trash, environmental justice, climate mitigation, and climate change planning. The course also introduced new technologies for civic environmental monitoring and engagement such as low-cost air pollution monitoring and other environmental sensing, storytelling, and mapping technologies.

Unit TitleAuthor


How Do We Envision A More Sustainable And Just Philadelphia?

Dr. Joe Alberti
Keywords: Air Pollution, fossil fuels, Renewable and Non-renewable Energy, solar energy, sustainability

Building an Environmentally Equitable Community One School at Time

Tia Graves
Keywords: Climate Justice/Racism, environmental justice, Environmental Racism, Equity, green stormwater infrastructure, Mitigation, resilience, Sea Level Rise, Urban Heat Island Adaptation

Where Does All the Water Go?

John Daniel Hartzog
Keywords: global warming, Green Infrastructure, sustainability, Urban Landscape, water cycle

Climate Justice and Jurassic Park

Renae Curless
Keywords: climate change, climate justice, ELA, English, environmentalism, High School, Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton, science fiction

The Power of Sustainability: Growing Climate Problem Solvers

Anna Herman
Keywords: climate change, climate optimism, food security, food systems, food waste, sustainability, urban agriculture, urban foodshed, Wicked Problem

Environmental Justice in Philadelphia

Deborah Wei
Keywords: community organizing, environmental justice, Environmental Racism, Philadelphia refineries, power analysis, racism, stakeholders

Natural Tendencies

Maya Bhagat
Keywords: Lenape, Philadelphia, Place-based, sustainability

Sustainability is the Name of the Game!

Alima McKnight
Keywords: climate change, digital native, elementary, engagement, game based theory, gamification, motivation, pollution, solution, sustainability