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Cities through the Lens of Race, Class, and Gender

Seminar Leader:
Rickie Sanders


The city emerged as a radical, new way of living. It provided a place for entertainment, production, creativity, a testing ground for democracy, a space to explore the greatness of the human spirit-a place for risk takers and those seeking excitement. But the city is also seen as an overload to our brain, placing us in fight or flight mode; with its lights, signs, noise, traffic, pollution and crowds, it is too demanding and fast paced. These are bold assertions to be sure—and both truthful. In this class we examined how race, class, and gender shape how we experience the city and enable us to see it through both of these perspectives. Specific topics included urban economics, division/difference, public space, freedom/control, gentrification, surveillance, fear, the city in our imagination, and the city of the future.

Unit TitleAuthor


A Geographical Analysis of Sites of African American History in Philadelphia

Hannah Zieve
Keywords: African American History, anthropology, Geography, High School, project based learning, Research, social studies

City Through Poems, Songs, and Artwork

Alla Dolderer
Keywords: artwork., authentic sources, city, community, ESL, global, immigration, local, poetry, songs

Who Am I and Where Am I? A Place-Based Poetry Unit

Emma Connolly
Keywords: comprehension instruction, fluency instruction, identity development, Middle School, place-based learning, poetry, special education, writing instruction

Exploring Our City Through Images, Poetry, and Music

Katherine Volin
Keywords: class, gender, Music, poetry, race

Roblox and the City: Exploring Race, Class, and Gender Through Digital Gaming

Robert Rivera-Amezola
Keywords: cities, class, digital citizens, digital games, digital literacy, elementary, gender, race, Technology

Using Poetry to Confront Neighborhood Representation and Gentrification

Sally O’Brien
Keywords: class, gender, gentrification, High School, intersectionality, landscape literacy, media analysis, metaphor, place-based learning, poetry, race

Living for the City: How Race, Class and Gender Impacts Philadelphia’s Future

Ryann Rouse
Keywords: education, Environmental Issues, gentrification, Healthcare, immigration, intersectionality, Philadelphia 2035, Photo Essay, Urban Planning, Wealth

The Power of Place – How Cities Connect People, Land & Resources

Anna Herman
Keywords: asset-based community development, community based economic development, community gardens, environmental justice, foodsheds, gentrification, Geography, grassroots activism, land policy, land tenure, land use, mapping, neighborhood disinvestment, red-lining, story maps, urban agriculture, urban gardens, urban geography, Urban Planning, urban watersheds

Discovering Our Community Assets

Sarah C. Beverly
Keywords: assets, community, English Language Arts, Philadelphia, service learning, social studies

Tracing Our Steps, Mapping Our Journeys

Erica Darken
Keywords: cities, elementary, Geography, journey, Workshop

Mapping it Out!

Nicole Flores
Keywords: 3-D Map, History, maps, Maps Skills, Neighborhoods, Reading, research skills, social studies

Wicked Problems, Place, and Liberation

Charlie McGeehan
Keywords: cities, Kensington, Philadelphia, social justice, Wicked Problem