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A Survey of Contemplative Practices Across the World's Religions

Seminar Leader:
Deven Patel


Contemplation and action are oft-used categories in Religious Studies. Rather than discuss these categories in theory alone, this course aims to go through some of the more influential works on meditation found in the world’s religion. We will try to cover a diversity of topics: Christian recollection practices, Buddhist meditation, Kabbalah and Sufi practices, Yoga, Dao-ism, and contemporary religions. In addition to texts, we will also attempt to engage with living traditions of contemplative practice across the world’s religions as well as visual and oral forms available to us. This is an ideal course for those who wish to be introduced to the world’s religions from the point of view of meditation theories and practice.

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Taking Teenagers From Aaaaah! To *Om* to Action! Using Contemplative Practices from World Religions to Teach Stress Management and Promote Well-Being

Meg H. Flisek
Keywords: Meditation, Initiative and self-direction, Health literacy, Global awareness, Flexibility and adaptability, World religions, Stress relief, Social and cross-cultural skills, Productivity and accountability

How Does One Achieve the Good Life?

Colleen Lawson-Thornton
Keywords: zine, Meditation, Hinduism, happiness, Good Life, Four Noble Truths, experiential learning, Eightfold Path, Eastern religion, discussion board, tai chi, yoga, walking meditation, Upanishads, Tao Te Ching, Tao of Pooh, philosophy, Eastern philosophy, Buddhism, Bhagavad Gita, close reading, Daoism, Cornell notes, contemplative practices, collaborative learning

Mindful Suspension

Jaimie Piotrowicz
Keywords: Meditation, Mindful Suspension, Personal Growth, Therapy, Suspension, Detention, Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Therapy

I Am Malala: Mindfulness and Community Service

Cara Wallin
Keywords: I am Malala, Personal Growth, fundraising, Culture, community service

Investigating Religious and Cultural Spending Trends

Catherine Michini
Keywords: World religions, social studies, Social and cross-cultural skills, Culture, cross

Mindfulness Mondays: Bite Size Strategies to Transform Your Classroom

Samuel A. Reed
Keywords: Journalism, Personal Growth, Creative Writing

Be the Hero of Your Journey

Terry Anne Wildman
Keywords: History, Literature, Creative Writing