Seminar Leader Deven Patel on Diwali’s Symbolism of Hope November 30, 2023 – Posted in: Uncategorized

University Advisory Board Co-chair and seminar leader Deven Patel was recently featured in a Penn Today article regarding Diwali and Hanukkah, holidays celebrated in November and December, respectively. Patel discussed how these holidays, celebrated with festivals of light both literally and figuratively, remind everyone that even in the darkest times, people can always find light and hope. Patel highlights Diwali’s transcendent nature beyond religious boundaries and emphasizes how the lighting of lamps serves as both an invitation to build community and a symbol of inner light.

Patel, an Associate Professor of South Asia Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, will lead an upcoming spring 2024 TIP seminar titled Asian Meditation Traditions Past and Present. Throughout the seminar, Patel will expose participants to various theories that inform meditation in Asia to help them understand its early roots and influence overtime. The seminar will explore how the origins of meditation have or may become part of larger conversations about social justice, intercultural communication, sustainability, cognitive science and more. Learn more about the seminar here.