2024 Spring Seminar: The Soviet Century October 23, 2023 – Posted in: Uncategorized

With the war in Ukraine ongoing, teachers and students are in need of a deeper understanding of that conflict’s historical origins. The spring 2024 TIP seminar “Soviet Century: Russia, Socialism, and the Modern World” fills that need. Penn Associate Professor of History Benjamin Nathans, who specializes in Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union, modern European Jewish history, and the history of human rights, will lead the seminar.

The course will posit the idea of a “Soviet Century” spanning the years 1917-1991. It will cover topics such as the emergence of the Soviet Union from the ruins of tsarist Russia, the role of ideology in state policy and every life, the Soviet Union as the center of world communism, the challenge of forging a new society from an ethnically diverse population. The course will conclude with a consideration of the origins and consequences of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

To learn more or enroll, visit TIP’s Spring 2024 Seminar page.