2024 Spring Seminar: Children’s Literature and the Immigrant Experience October 19, 2023 – Posted in: Uncategorized

In a world marked by mass migration due to war and climate change, it is important for educators to learn to navigate the diversity in their classrooms. The upcoming spring 2024 TIP seminar titled “Children’s Literature and the Immigrant Experience” led by Professor Gerald Campano who teachers Literacy, Culture and International Education at University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, does just that.

Throughout the seminar, Campano will help participants investigate migration and human mobility through children’s literature and young adult fiction. Participants will learn how immigration has been met with a resurgence of nativism and ethnonationalism, but also a dedication to immigrant rights and well-being. Ultimately, Campano will help educators address the political and social contestations of immigration that play out in the school system by helping them develop a robust curriculum that embraces the cultural, linguistic and experiential diversity found in contemporary classrooms.

To learn more or enroll, visit TIP’s Spring 2024 Seminar page.