TIP Seminar Leader Karen Redrobe speaks with “new books network” March 15, 2022 – Posted in: Uncategorized

TIP Seminar Leader Karen Redrobe spoke with the New Books Network about a book in film she and coeditor Jeff Scheible wrote called Deep Meditations. Their book includes 18 essays that argue the notion that “depth” is multivalent in the field of the humanities. Deep Mediations brings together the work of leading scholars who collectively navigate the legacies of depth models of thought and vision, particularly in light of the “surface turn” and as these models impinge on the realms of cinema and media studies.


Karen Redrobe led a TIP seminar in 2020 called Cinema and Civil Rights which used film and media resources, including local ones from Philadelphia, to help participants think about how to develop, energize, and expand curriculum units on the Civil Rights Movement. To learn more about her seminar and to read the units participants wrote click here: https://theteachersinstitute.org/?s=&post_type=curriculum_unit&seminar=cinema-and-civil-rights