Teachers Share their units at fall plenary session December 20, 2021 – Posted in: Uncategorized

This fall’s cohort of Teachers Institute of Philadelphia (TIP) fellows will bring new ideas and new inspiration to their students when they enter the classroom in January 2022. During TIP’s 10-week fall curriculum lab, these TIP fellows gained cutting-edge knowledge from Penn and Temple professors and turned it into curriculum units that they will teach to their students during the spring term. On Wednesday, December 22 at 4:30pm, via Zoom, the group will present their curriculum ideas to the public in TIP’s end-of-term plenary session.

The fall 2021 courses were:

  • Southwest Native American Art & Culture/Lucy Fowler Williams, Penn Museum
  • Topics in Environmental Health/Marilyn Howarth, Penn Medicine
  • How Critical Elements Make Up our Modern World/Eric Schelter, Penn Chemistry Department

As seen in photo from left to right:

  • Aisha Kittrell – Julia Ward Howe Academic Plus – enrolled in Topics in Environmental Health seminar
  • Alison Marzuoli – Academy at Palumbo – enrolled in Southwest Native American Art & Culture seminar
  • Jennifer Gallagher – Widener Memorial School – enrolled in Southwest Native American Art & Culture seminar