TIP Fellow Sally O’Brien Featured in the artblog February 24, 2021 – Posted in: Uncategorized

TIP Fellow and Kensington Health Sciences Academy teacher Sally O’Brien collaborated with Artblog contributor Candy Alexandra Gonzalez on a poetry and book arts project called “Imagining Our Future Through Visual Poetry and Book Arts.” Together they applied for the Picasso Project Teacher-Based Grant, which supports innovative teacher-driven arts projects and in December, received news that their project had been funded. Their project has exposed Sally’s senior students to “book binding, word and image centered practices, and visual and poetic composition.” To learn more about the project and see the poetry books her students created visit: https://www.theartblog.org/2020/07/students-look-within-through-visual-poetry-and-book-arts/

In 2019 Sally was enrolled in Modern and Contemporary US Poetry and created a high school poetry curriculum unit entitled Poets Imagining the City which “encourages students to imaginatively engage with the city of Philadelphia, through the collaborative close reading and writing of poetry. ”