TIP Fellows Learn With Peers from Around the Nation at the Yale Summer Intensive Session July 20, 2018 – Posted in: Uncategorized

This summer from July 9th to 20th, TIP’s National Fellows gathered in New Haven for the Yale Summer Intensive Session. The four fellows that participated in the session–Cristobal Carambo, Bridget Mason, Matthew Menschner, and Eual Philips–spent two weeks at Yale attending special seminars and writing curriculum units.

This year’s National Seminars covered topics including “Race, Class, and Punishment,” “Manipulating Biology: Costs, Benefits, and Controversies,” and “Poems about Works of Art, Featuring Women and Other Marginalized Writers.” Fellows had the opportunity to learn from speakers like Pulitzer Prize-winning author James Forman, Jr. and to attend talks by professors in various subject areas, including Dr. Brigette Peucker’s talk, “Cinematic Adaptation: Fidelity to the Text?”, which centered around films like Dracula. Fellows also met other educators from Teachers Institutes around the country, including those from New Haven, Tulsa, and Delaware.

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