TIP Fellows Gather to Celebrate a Successful Seminar Session! May 25, 2018 – Posted in: Uncategorized

On May 22 at 4:30 pm, the 2018 TIP fellows gathered with leaders and friends of the program to celebrate their accomplishments this past semester. At weekly seminar meetings from January through April of this year, the fellows acquired cutting-edge knowledge from Penn and Temple professors about topics in science, math, social science, humanities and the arts.

Fellows representing each seminar gave a summary of what they had studied. The representatives were:

  • Keeler Park from History of Hollywood, led by Penn Professor Peter Decherney
  • Jessica Waber from Philosophy, Science and Society, led by Penn Professor Karen Detlefsen
  • Surinder Kaur from Robots in Healthcare, led by Penn Professor Michelle Johnson
  • Alima McKnight from Data Visualization, led by Temple Professor David Nickerson
  • Rachel Odoroff from Origami Engineering, led by Penn Professor Cynthia Sung

The 46 fellows are now completing curriculum units that will enable them to bring this knowledge to their classrooms in the fall. TIP congratulates its fellows on their outstanding work, and we look forward to sharing their units on our website this summer.