Why Do You Eat That? An Inquiry of Food Choices and Values Amongst 4th Grade Students

Author: Sondra W. Gonzalez

Year: 2019

Seminar: Learning about America and the World from McDonald’s

Grade Level: 4

Keywords: diet, health crisis, health epidemic, healthy eating, proper eating

School Subject(s): Health

This curriculum unit seeks to help elementary students understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy food choices. With the expansion of fast food and the increasing levels of race-based targeted advertisements and messages, the health epidemic in the United States has increased dangerously. Those messages along with poverty, a lack of education, and resources are leading factors in the health crisis in both the African American and Latinx communities. These vulnerabilities have not spared elementary students. This curriculum unit explores the factors that have facilitated this epidemic and offer educational solutions to facilitate healthy dietary changes. It shines a light on the benefits of healthy eating and paths an accessible, age appropriate approach to proper nutrition and diet for school-aged children through creative lesson planning, projects, and games.

Download Unit: Gonzalez-S..pdf

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