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Urban Disparity: The Negative Health Effects of Being Poor in an  Urban Environment 

Author: Troy J. Holiday


Wagner Middle School

Year: 2012

Seminar: Understanding Human Health and Disease

Grade Level: 6

Keywords: Health, urban, urban environment

School Subject(s): Health

My curriculum unit is designed for urban students in the 6th grade. Accordingly, the premise of my unit is the alarming health issues of urban youth.  My students, like most students I have experienced, respond best to information that is most relevant to them.  Their ability to retain and understand information is strongly connected to their overall interest in the topic. Ultimately, my objective is to achieve proficiency across the board on the topics provided, which includes how the following factors play a role in determining the health of a child in an urban impoverished setting: Air and water pollution, adequate space for recreation, and access to healthy foods.  To achieve this I will engage my students in the curriculum such that it captivates their minds and sparks their curiosity. This will be done with activities that promote the scientific process and mentality.

Download Unit: HolidayUnit-12.02.05.pdf

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