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Pascal’s Triangle and the Binomial Theorem

Author: Shuang-Ching Su


West Philadelphia High School

Year: 2006

Seminar: Probability and Statistics in the Social Sciences

School Subject(s): Math

Which of the following equations are valid forms of the Binomial Theorem?

If you choose D as the answer, congratulations! Please prove your answer then. As high school mathematics teachers, we certainly hope our students are able to handle a challenging question like this.

This article presents a curriculum unit pertaining to Pascal’s triangle and the Binomial Theorem. It is intended to serve as a reference framework for high school seniors who seek to conduct a senior project in mathematics.

The curriculum unit is based on lesson plans and class activities in my Discrete Mathematics classes in a period of approximately two weeks. In each lesson during this period, we proved one or two properties of Pascal’s triangle or the Binomial Theorem. At the end of the curriculum unit, students put together their worksheets on a construction paper as a project.

Download Unit: 06.03.03.pdf

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