All About Germs

Author: Melissa Freeman


Shawmont Elementary School

Year: 2012

Seminar: Understanding Human Health and Disease

Grade Level: K-3

Keywords: germs, Health

School Subject(s): Health

How can we prevent the spread of germs with young children? In order to stop students from spreading germs we need to make them aware of where germs come from, and how they are spread. Close to 22 million school days are missed due to the common cold each year and children have about 6 to 10 colds each year (Hopkins). To keep students, as well as adults, healthy in schools, we need to address how germs are spread and what young children can do to prevent it.

In this unit, I define what germs are, and the difference between good germs and bad germs. I also include detailed ways to prevent the spread of germs. This unit is a five-day unit intended for students in kindergarten but can be adapted for older children.

Download Unit: FreemanUnit-12.02.06.pdf

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