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Latin Asians: Ethnicity, Race, and Immigration in Latin America

Alisha Davis
Keywords: Culture, ethnicity, High School, Identity, Latino, panethnicity, project based learning, race, social studies education

Visual Music: Hip-Hop Style

Courtney Powers
Keywords: Authentic Audience, Authentic Music, Beyonce, Digital Music, Frederick Douglass, Intermedia, Jaffa, Jay Z, Kanye West, project based learning, Visual Music, Whole Music


A Geographical Analysis of Sites of African American History in Philadelphia

Hannah Zieve
Keywords: Research, social studies, project based learning, High School, Geography, African American History, anthropology

Building Language: Representing and Affirming ELLs’ Home Cultures through Southwest Native American Art

Katie Miller
Keywords: Visual Arts and Language, Navajo, language, Indigenous Pottery, Pueblo, project based learning, Visual Art Integration, Southwest Native American Art, English language learners, artifacts


Conservation: The Thermodynamics of Sustainability

Klint Kanopka
Keywords: Technology, temperature, mathematics, Math, making, makered, maker, Thermodynamics, physics, sustainability, problem based learning, project based learning, problem solving, heat, advanced placement, ap physics, engineering, energy, design, climate


Engineering Physics: Modding and Making

Klint Kanopka
Keywords: making, mathematics, Math, physics, makerspace, makered, maker, Science, robotics, robot, project based learning, problem solving, problem based learning, 3d printing, advanced placement physics, advanced placement, 3d carving, 3d, fabrication, ap, engineering, design thinking, design, construction, tools, CAD, building, Arduino, ap physics