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The Navajo, the Pueblos and Me

Jennifer Gallagher
Keywords: “The Long Walk”, Art, clay, fry bread, hogan, Native Americans, Navajo, pottery, Pueblo, Southwest, textiles, tradition and culture, weaving

Does Breaking It Down, Break It?: A look at holism’s effect on Euro/Indigenous Relations

Theresa Lord
Keywords: analytic, colonization, divergent worldviews, Holistic, indigenous/U.S. relations, Navajo, primary sources, Pueblo, secondary sources, thesis writing

Tangible History: Engaging Students Through Art of Indigenous Cultures

Alima McKnight
Keywords: appreciation, appropriation, Art, Blackfoot, Culture, design, hands-on, Indigenous, Native American, Navajo, pottery, Pueblo, symbols, teepees, textiles, weaving

Building Language: Representing and Affirming ELLs’ Home Cultures through Southwest Native American Art

Katie Miller
Keywords: artifacts, English language learners, Indigenous Pottery, language, Navajo, project based learning, Pueblo, Southwest Native American Art, Visual Art Integration, Visual Arts and Language

Gathering Clay: Community Poetry, Individual Grace, and the Limitations of Language

Greg Probst
Keywords: Art, artifacts, community, Creative Writing, Culture, English Language Arts, High School, Indigenous, individuality, louise erdrich, Native American, Navajo, neoindigenous, philly, poetry, Pueblo, society, south philadelphia, southwestern

Weaving for Healing and Connection

Karen Rufino
Keywords: Diné, Hozhó, Native American, Navajo, reservation, Spider Woman, tribe, weabing


The Navajo Code Talkers

Richard P. Holmes
Keywords: Code Breakers, Native American, Navajo, World War II


Common Threads: Time and Textile

Pamela Toller
Keywords: Art, beliefs, Culture, Navajo, student awareness, symbolism, textile construction, traditions, weaving