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Hand-Made Music: Creating the Instruments and Sounds of Africa

Katherine Steiner
Keywords: Africa, African music, Africana studies, Art, contemporary music, hands-on, High School, high school art, high school music, instrument, Music

Framing Africa with 5 Music Narratives

Lisa Yuk Kuen Yau
Keywords: Africa, African music, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, freedom songs, griots, gumboot, hip-hop, Kenya, Mali, national anthems, protest dances, protest songs, Pygmies, South Africa, stepping, Zap Mama

Critical Interventions into the Single Story of Africa

Pearl Jonas
Keywords: Africa, African American History, Bias, Culture, Identity, Music, narrative, perspective, project-based, Single story, stereotypes, storytelling

Never Sing the Same Way Twice: Encouraging Student Voice with Umm Kulthum

Benjamin Perkins
Keywords: Africa, business, Drum, Egypt, Harmony, improvisation, Keyboard, Melody, Music, Performance, Piano, poetry, rhythm, Technology, Umm Kulthum, voice

Listening to Learn: Learning to Listen Lessons from the Griot Families of Mali

Rebecca Horner
Keywords: Africa, Color Vowel Approach, documentary, drumming, Elementary Education, Els, ESL, ESOL, griot, home-language, language learning, Mali, Music


The Awakening of the Black Panther: Shifting the Paradigm of Hollywood’s Portrayal of Africa

Wendi Mungai Umoren
Keywords: Africa, Creative Writing, Media, Reading, Screen writing


American Racial Politics and A Little Town Called Arthington

Pat Mitchell-Keita-Doe
Keywords: Africa, Arthington, History, racial politics


The Latest Refugees: A New Wave from Africa

Cheryl L. Fox
Keywords: Africa, Afro-American, civil unrest, economic migrants, economics, nationality, political opinion, political unrest, race, refugee, religion

Crossing Borders and Crossing Time: A Tableau of African Immigration and Migration in America

Stacia D. Parker
Keywords: Africa, African Diaspora, cultural traditions, Culture, immigrants, journey, languages, Liberia, memoirs, migrants, migratory experiences, oral history, Senegal, Sierra Leone, social traditions, trasnformation, tribes, world history


Masquerading in Western Africa

Janice D. Williamson
Keywords: Africa, Art, Culture, customs, dance, Music

Tell Me About It: The Africa I Left Behind

Susan Bunch
Keywords: Africa, ESL, ESOL, storytelling, traditions, West Africa

What’s Cooking in West Africa?

Robert Sandy
Keywords: Africa, cooking, Food, food preparation, life skills, meals, West Africa