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Global Environmental Challenges and Potential Solutions

Seminar Leader:
Reto Gieré


This course covered a wide range of topics around our environmental footprint. We first analyzed the global waste stream and common waste-management procedures, and then discussed solutions that must be implemented to diminish the environmental and climate impacts of daily life, agriculture, manufacturing, and the generation of electricity. Using specific examples from these four areas, we explored opportunities for lowering the consumption of resources (e.g., water, minerals, metals, trees), reducing carbon emissions, and for using waste as secondary raw material. These actions will help in achieving several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Unit TitleAuthor


What’s In Our Water?!

Cea Fortarezzo

Our Forests and Climate Change

Kawalpreet K Aneja
Keywords: Agarikon, climate change, Forest Bathing, Forests, photosynthesis, Respiration

The Power of a Circle: Zero Waste Matters

Anna Herman
Keywords: bio-building, carbon cycle, circular economy, compost, environmental solutions, food waste, green economy, municipal solid waste, sustainability, sustainable economies, Zero waste

Trash or Treasure? Waste as a Social Construct

Chloe Glynn
Keywords: Art, e-waste, environmental health, food waste, Global waste management, human health, incineration, Isaiah Zagar, municipal solid waste, Philadelphia Magic Gardens, recycling, tires, waste disposal

Let us Breathe Clean Air

David L. Turner
Keywords: " garbage, "Let us Breathe Clean Air, carbon footprint, climate change, glaciers, greener schools., Pepper Middle School, recycle, recycling, Tilden Middle School

Whose Land, For What Purpose

Freda Anderson

Go Green for a Better Tomorrow

Marie P. Clarke
Keywords: changemakers, Ecology, incinerators, landfill, pollution, recycle, reduce, reuse, solutions, trash