A Visual Approach to Learning Math

Seminar Leader:
Robert Ghrist


This seminar drew on ideas of mathematical visualiza-tion developed in Prof. Ghrist’s Calculus Blue series of online videos, as well as his most recent research and teaching. It encouraged teachers to think about how to draw and animate mathematics at a variety of levels, joining numbers and art. It helped teachers to break complex problems into simpler ones and identify questions students might to ask in order to get to the core of an idea. It also pointed to connections between mathematical abstractions and appli-cations, including statistics, engineering and computing. The course spured teachers to develop a fun and engaging ap-proach to the math they teach in their own classroom.

Unit TitleAuthor


Visualizing Word Problems: A Path to a Solution

Rachel Odoroff
Keywords: function, Math, algebra

Conquering Space: A Voyage to Understanding

Catherine Michini
Keywords: geometry, PSAT, Math, NCTM, algeba

Visualizing Fractions

Cher Baylor
Keywords: powepoints, visual math, Math

Exactly Measure it – Then Convert it!

Cynthia Campisi
Keywords: yard, fractional portion, foot, half, feet, elementary math, quarter, three-quarters, Math, inch, measure, measurement

6th Grade Statistics

Dr. David L. Turner
Keywords: powerpoints, Statistics, visual math, Math, 6th grade math

A Visual Approach to Learning Math Fractions

By Felicia M. Atwell
Keywords: fractions, visual math, 3rd grade math

“Choose Your Own Adventure” Visualizing, Writing, and Creating Word Problems

Kyle Iovannoni
Keywords: powerpoints, visual math, word problems, 3rd grade math

Visualizing Differential Calculus for the IB Student

Kathleen Renz
Keywords: visual math, IB math, calculus

Movement on Board for Mathematics Teaching

Vicki Baker
Keywords: Algebra 2, calculus, powerpoint, visual math