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Philadelphia and the Immigrant Experience

Seminar Leader:
Walter Licht


With immigration once again a prominent and fractious issue in the public mind, the TIP workshop on “Philadelphia and the Immigrant Experience” aimed at a timely examination of the role of immigration and the nature of the immigrant experience in the America past. Philadelphia provides a vital case study. The city has recieved reapted waves of newcomers and its neighborhoods, economy, politics, and culture have been shaped and continue to be influenced by the arrivals of tens of thousands of people from different countries. Questions addressed in this workshop included: How has the immigrant experience changed over time? What have been the contributions of various immigrant groups and individuals? How have newcomers been received and what burdens and obstacles have they faced in their attempts to achieve footholds in Philadelphia? What does the recent surge of immigration portend for Philadelphia and American society at large, in the globalized world of the 21st century?

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Latino Immigrants and Communities in Philadelphia

Alison McCartney
Keywords: building community, Critical thinking, Culture, English, group work, immigration process, interdisciplinary skills, Latino, Latinos in Philadelphia, Puerto Rico, social studies, stereotypes, World Language

Statistics of Immigration in Philadelphia

Anatol Kondili
Keywords: Algebra 2, analyze, central tendency, charts, Data, flux of immigrants, history of immigration, predictions, rates of immigration, samples of population, sampling method, Statistics

Germantown PA: Researching the Great Road Welcome Mat

Barbara McDowell Dowdall
Keywords: 9th grade, African, Daniel Pastorious, Dutch trading company, English 1, Germantown, Irish, Italian, Philadelphia

Give and Take from the Great Demographic Fact: A Vagarious Look At Commercial Influence over Cultural Exchange in 20th- and 21st-century Philadelphia

Chadd S. Johnson
Keywords: clothing trade in Africa, commerce, commercial influence, cultural imperialism, data analysis, History, migration, personal narrative, Philadelphia, worker migration

The Latest Refugees: A New Wave from Africa

Cheryl L. Fox
Keywords: Africa, Afro-American, civil unrest, economic migrants, economics, nationality, political opinion, political unrest, race, refugee, religion

The Immigrant Journey to Philadelphia

Jonathan Williams
Keywords: American History, cultural opposition, Europe to Philadelphia, Golden Door, immigrant experience in Philadelphia, immigrants, immigrants journey, Lazaretto, social studies

La Gente De Latinoamérica En Filadelfia

Michael Steele-Eytle
Keywords: Caribbean, Central America, Hispanic presence, immigrants, immigration, Latinos in Philadelphia, lectura, Level Two Spanish, Mexico, South America, Spanish

The Peopling of Philadelphia: 19th Century Immigration

Mona Kolsky
Keywords: 19th Century Immigration, advertisements, Graphs, industrial city, Lazaretto Quarantine Station, national trends, Philadelphia, photographs, political cartoons, ship manifests, stereotyping

Bound Labor in Philadelphia

Sandy O’Keefe
Keywords: apprentice, apprenticeships, bound labor, Colonial Philadelphia, immigrants, indentured servants, Philadelphia, redemptioners, servitude, workforce

Crossing Borders and Crossing Time: A Tableau of African Immigration and Migration in America

Stacia D. Parker
Keywords: Africa, African Diaspora, cultural traditions, Culture, immigrants, journey, languages, Liberia, memoirs, migrants, migratory experiences, oral history, Senegal, Sierra Leone, social traditions, trasnformation, tribes, world history