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Seminar: A Visual Approach to Learning Math

6th Grade Statistics

Dr. David L. Turner 2020
Keywords: 6th grade math, Math, powerpoints, Statistics, visual math

Seminar: Data Visualization

Empathy through Small Data: Using Our Own Data to Visualize the Impact of Wicked Problems

Charlie McGeehan 2018
Keywords: Creative Writing, data analysis, Data visualization, Describing data, Hand-Drawn Visualization, Humanities, Math, Research design, Senior Project, Statistics, Visual Art

An Investigation into Data Visualization

Lindsay Neath 2018
Keywords: data analysis, Data visualization, Describing data, Graphs, Histogram, Math, Statistics

See the Problem, Be the Change

Tracy Saltz 2018
Keywords: data analysis, Data visualization, Describing data, Math, Statistics

Statistics Unique Place in Math

Paul Dale 2018
Keywords: Describing data, Histogram, statistical questions, Statistics

Seminar: Math Concepts in the Classroom

Biological Applications of Statistical Analysis

Stuart Surrey 2011
Keywords: Biology, probability, problem solving, Statistics

Take a Chance!

Tiffany Moyer 2011
Keywords: chance, Literature, predictions, probability, Statistics, Technology

Seminar: Oats, Kings, Proofs, and Climate Change: How Do You Know?

Know Your Position – How?

Ann Cherian 2009
Keywords: binomial probability, binomial theory, decision making, measures, normal distribution, Pascal's Triangle, Probability and Statistics, statistical distributions, Statistics, tools

Seminar: Painless Statistics for Teachers and Teaching

Creating a Survey and Analyzing and Displaying the Data Results from a Survey

Lance M. Levy 2013
Keywords: Algebra 1, Math, Probability / Statistics, Probability and Statistics, statistical distributions, statistical questions, Statistics

Do You See What I See? Is Candy Just a Treat or a Math Tool? Statistics and You

Monica Brundage 2013
Keywords: Data, Math, Middle, Probability / Statistics, special education, Statistics, vocabulary

Scatter Plots in Statistics for Struggling Students

Kathleen McCullough 2013
Keywords: correlation, eighth grade, Math, Middle School, Probability / Statistics, scatter plots, Statistics

Estimation Station

Melissa Freeman 2013
Keywords: elementary, estimation, fall, kindergarten, Math, Probability / Statistics, Statistics

So What’s All This I Hear About a Math Gender Gap?

Joyce Arnosky 2013
Keywords: data analysis, data landmarks, elementary, Math, mean, median, Probability / Statistics, range, social science research, Statistics, surveys, upper elementary

Statistics for First Grade, What Do You Mean?

Catherine Cmiel 2013
Keywords: elementary, first graders, Math, Probability / Statistics, Statistics

Survey Says: Exploring Statistics through Data Collection and Graphs

Rita Sorrentino 2013
Keywords: charts, data collection, elementary, grades 5 and 6, infographics, Math, Probability / Statistics, Statistics, surveys

Seminar: Penn Laboratory on Energy, Sustainability and Environment

What Is It Like to Live Without Electricity?

Catherine Michini 2015
Keywords: choice boards, data displays, electricity, Environmental Science, physics, probability, Probability and Statistics, quantitative tools, real world problems, scientific context, Statistics

Seminar: Philadelphia and the Immigrant Experience

Statistics of Immigration in Philadelphia

Anatol Kondili 2008
Keywords: Algebra 2, analyze, central tendency, charts, Data, flux of immigrants, history of immigration, predictions, rates of immigration, samples of population, sampling method, Statistics