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Seminar: A Survey of Contemplative Practices Across the World's Religions

Mindfulness Mondays: Bite Size Strategies to Transform Your Classroom

Samuel A. Reed 2017
Keywords: Journalism, Personal Growth, Creative Writing

Be the Hero of Your Journey

Terry Anne Wildman 2017
Keywords: History, Literature, Creative Writing

Seminar: Origami Engineering

Using Origami to Practice Mindfulness and Create a Growth Mindset

Cara Wallin 2018
Keywords: Growth Mindset, origami, Mindfulness, Math, geometry, spatial reasoning

Seminar: The Public Health Issues of Child Obesity

What Do Brad Pitt and Einstein have in Common?

Cheryle Jackson 2008
Keywords: journals, public health, recipes, Science, Health, population-based intervention, obesity, nutrition, alternative eating, Standard American Diet, 5th grade, vegetarianism, childhood obesity

Me—A Wonderful Eater

Catherine Cmiel 2008
Keywords: healthy bodies, nutritional games, nutrition, need, Literature, analyze, charts, want, worksheets, writing, food pyramid, elementary school, classify foods, choose good foods

Eating Kid Healthy and Exercising

Daun U. Sandlin 2008
Keywords: parent involvement, healthy bodies, healthy lifestyle, unhealthy diet, Body Mass Index, exercise, elementary school, eating right, diseases, children

Childhood Obestiy in America

David H. Adams 2008
Keywords: processed foods, healthy good choices, science lab, self esteem, Middle School, poor diets, body fat, daily exercise, fast food, childhood obesity

Childhood Obesity: Eating For Worth Not Girth

Deborah R. Sanchez 2008
Keywords: information on healthy foods, overweight, physical activity, good nutrition, unhealthy eating habits, childhood obesity

Think before you eat! A Kindergarten Nutrition Guide

Grace Hollander 2008
Keywords: healthy eating, Health literacy, self-awareness, obesity, nutrition, fruits and vegetables, diet, daily exercise, exercise, childhood obesity

A Weighty Battle: Helping Children Fight Obesity

Joyce Arnosky 2008
Keywords: healthy food choices, healthy choices, self-regulation, obesity, Math, physical activity, literacy, 5th grade, visual arts, exercise, childhood obesity, food choices

What’s for Lunch?

Rita Sorrentino 2008
Keywords: healthy choices, Health, school day food, nutiriton, overweight children, obesity, lunch choices, 5th grade, childhood obesity