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Mindful Suspension

Research regarding “new age” in-school consequences has been appearing in news outlets at a rapid rate. Rather than the antiquated and traditional consequences of detentions and suspensions schools are turning to the historically, religiously contemplative practices of meditation and its progeny – mindfulness. Suspensions have been proven to be ineffective, inefficient, and potentially costly to society as a long-term solution to in-school problems. As with most antiquated educational practices we see the same type of “Band-Aid” procedure still happening with detentions and suspensions despite proven unsuccessfulness. Some scientists suggest that mindful meditation can improve focus and academic success, and others suggest that memory and emotional intelligence can be strengthened using these practices.
Mindfulness is defined as the practice of complete awareness to one’s cognitive and emotional state. This practice, when implemented correctly, can become a healthy and transformative habit. The results of prevailing research show that restorative discipline in the form of whole-school mindful meditation combined with focused practice or a private space for at-risk students has long-term, positive effects on behavior management and emotional coping.

Jaimie Piotrowicz
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