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Kids Can Campaign for Carbon Change and Help Reduce Global Warming

This unit was designed to help provide additional information about climate change and global warming to teachers and their fourth grade students. Elementary-aged students should be exposed to as much information as possible regarding the future of their planet because they will eventually be the ones making decisions that will harm or heal our Earth in years to come.  Given information and resources, kids can begin to form opinions, make educated decisions, and even rally for change in their local communities and further.

This unit will be explored in fourth grade, after students been exposed to information on weather and climate in previous years. The unit will provide students with the necessary information and opportunities to research climate change so that they can begin applying what they have learned to their own actions and even have an impact on the decisions of those around them. Some of the content that will be addressed in this unit is the background and history of climate change, the greenhouse effect, and the causes and effects of climate change on various areas of the world. Students will be able to answer the following questions given the information discussed throughout the unit:  Why does climate change matter to us? Whom does climate change affect? How much carbon am I contributing to the greenhouse effect? What can we do on a local and global level to help reduce global warming and climate change?

Sharon Karlyn
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