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Statistics for First Grade, What Do You Mean?

This statistics curriculum unit is appropriate for an audience of first graders. Minor changes to the unit will make the lessons appropriate for any elementary grade. This specific curriculum unit was designed for first graders during forty-five minute class periods over seven days. The intent of this unit is to build a strong foundation related to statistics. Statistical knowledge is essential for success in the twenty-first century. However, negative attitudes regarding statistics are rampant in academic life and daily life. To help reverse this trend, this statistics curriculum unit is designed as an introduction and foundation for students early in their education. This unit will reach across the curriculum into such subject areas as math, reading, and writing. Students will be introduced to basic statistical terms such as likely, unlikely, maximum, minimum, range, and median. As these terms are introduced and implemented, students will be expected to use the terms properly in oral language and written language. Students will learn to represent data using concrete graphs, tally charts, bar graphs, and line plots. All lessons will be introduced with literature. Students will share ideas and information regarding data with partners and the class through think-pair-share activities, brainstorming sessions, and writing activities. These lessons will promote a positive attitude regarding statistics and lay the foundation for future success with statistics.

Catherine Cmeil

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