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The Games We Play – An Interactive Analysis of Probability

This unit will explore concepts of probability through the use and analysis of games of different cultures. It is intended for an introductory high school mathematics class in which little probability has been discussed before. The core of this unit is creativity and analysis. Students will be acting out various probabilistic situations and playing various games in order to build their understanding of the vocabulary of probability games. They will then create their own games and analyze them for probability as well. This will provide an avenue for the students to connect their own lives and experiences to mathematics in a fun way.

Additionally this unit will provide a context for students to practice conversions between numbers in decimal, fraction, and percent form. This concept still seems to elude even the most diligent of high school students so by attaching these concepts to a creative process I hope to strengthen their knowledge through a play-like atmosphere. This will serve as a point for the students to always remember why and how to use these different representations and ensure they can use them for their own lives in the future.

Brian Cohen
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