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A Cry from the Climate: The Glacier is Talking

Ecologists currently state that global warming and climate change are results result of the greenhouse gases (methane and carbon dioxide) becoming trapped in the tropospheric level of the earth. Because it takes at least 10 years for methane and 100 years for carbon dioxide to diffuse back out of the atmosphere, current belief is that these gases are the main cause.  This unit will explore environmental events from natural disasters to the melting glaciers that may be a direct result of the Earth’s current climate changes. This unit is designed to help students who have little scientific knowledge of the Earth gain a higher level of understanding of human impact on the earth’s stability.  Students will explore the following topics: the atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and the effects that greenhouse gases have on the world’s glaciers due to our carbon footprint.

This unit is intended for high school environmental students in 9th and 12th Grade.  It can be utilized for students on a basic or below basic reading level. This can be used as a supplemental enrichment unit to the School Districts environmental science curriculum.

Nichole Boyd
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